Tradition and innovation

The Gagliotta craftsmen continue the tradition of the best boating nautical craftsmanship. They possess what no construction technology can imitate. They jealously keep the secrets of the trade. They apply meticulous care in the realization of the smallest details.

This love for handmade perfection may seem of yesteryear. But connoisseurs know that it is the secret to transmitting value to boats.

And the value is recognized over time: it does not wear out.

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A few details


Comfort and safety

Thanks to its renowned hull that cuts through the water with precision, all Gagliotta boats always enjoy a smooth and continuous navigation, in all sea conditions.


Craftsmen and innovation

From design to construction, Gagliotta employs unique professionalism. Over the years the production has gone from "amateur" to "artisan", and then it got organized on an industrial model.


From the competitive world

Over the years, offshore races have constituted a severe and complete test bed for boats. Even today, Gagliotta applies the indications of the tough racing tests to series production: boats with a true sporting spirit and yacht comfort.


of excellence

72 years of
experience and evolution
30.000 square metres
of construction site
12 boat models