• Freedom on the sea

Gagliotta 37

Sport Utility Fisherman

  • Gagliotta 37 combines practicality and comfort, gives safety and habitability. The spaces are well distributed, both inside and outside; and they are easily accessible, always, by everyone and in all conditions. The materials are simple and carefully chosen. The hull of the Gagliotta 37 guarantees seaworthiness. The distribution of spaces and the refined simplicity ensure true comfort.
  • 2 cabins with 4 beds \ transformable dinette \ storage cabinet in dinette \ microwave oven \ LCD TV \ pair of opposing sofas with table \ external kitchen cabinet with cockpit fridge \ stern couch \ large bow sundeck \ large outdoor spaces, comfortable.

Gagliotta 44

Reward your passions

  • Gagliotta 44, a slender line extending towards the sea, plows the water with mastery. Large and airy outdoor areas, comfortable below deck spaces, accessories and technologies at the service of comfort, conviviality and safety. And the safety and strength of the dry hull always guarantee balance and seaworthiness.
  • 2 cabins \ 2 large bathrooms with shower \ convertible dinette \ 4 + 2 beds \ Large storage spaces \ air conditioning \ TV in internal dinette \ outdoor kitchen with dedicated spaces and lockers \ large, comfortable, independent outdoor spaces.